Saturday, December 17, 2011

Where's LOS?

Simple question which could render difficult answers.
Where am I physically..mentally...emotionally....spiritually?? As if you really care about that right? I am opening this blog up to gain a better understanding of myself.   
(Ha which reminds me, I will Blog a lesson on the proper usage of "myself" later; since so many people out there don't understand when to use it)
  As I write, and time rolls along, I hope to be able to better understand the random madness floating in my brain. I also believe that as I write on this blog I will become a better lyricist as well. I have been unfocused and it isn't very productive. I feel that this could be a great outlet to reach my fans who care to know what's on my mind, what I'm thinking about, how I feel...basically.....Where's LOS?

To anyone who may find themselves interested in LOS, I thank you for your time, and welcome to the Official Where's LOS?  BLOG 

Here's to the future, past and the ribbon wrapped present ;)   

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