Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am an Artist - "So LOS, Want me to host your mixtape?" - No thanks

"Hi I'm DJ__SOnSO do you need me to host your mixtape?""It's a special this month for only $250.00 I'll host it, AND give you a wack ass free cover that I give everyone else with their pic..."

Look pimp, I appreciate you grinding and tryin to hustle, all love; but I'm a real artist.

I create all my music, and put countless hours of my time and life for this. I compose and mold works of art in my eyes. I offer to this world the works fabricated by talent lent from God.

In other words, no thanks.

I'ma keep making full length albums. I am not afraid to put it out there and let it be. I don't need to, "test the waters," and place a song on a mixtape because I am afraid the public won't like it. If that's the case, you probably ain't making music they relate to anyways. I don't need to give all my hard work away for free.

I've walked in these shoes, and still do; holes, tar, stains and all.

I will continue on my journey and don't need to pay you to talk for me.

I don't need to pay to be on your radio show.

The people will decide if they connect, and I will be here still pursuing my destiny.

LOS of Austin TX is an original lyricist. I make my own music. I am a unique artist.

And I will continue conducting my masterpiece.

Thank you again for your support. I wish the best for your ventures...

*Unless that is to take money from starving musicians that believe the hype you are selling.

If you truly want to work with me, and collaborate on things that’s great. I’m open ears and might be interested. But buying your wolf tickets, no thanks Holmes; I’m an artist, not a sucker.  






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