Friday, March 22, 2013

Ignition is the Key

I knew SXSW 2013 was going to be my time. It absolutely was. I got plenty of motivation and put it to great use. Did everything go as planned? Laughably not even close but do things ever during SXSW? Not last year, not this year…Next year, when I officially showcase, I will find out if it’s the same situation. 

 I was fortunate enough to have many people support me, including my star power friends at KLBJFM Dudley, Bob, Daniel, CARISSA, B-Doe, and CJ and Pat Barry from the UFC! Not to mention the constant support from my family, the #Advocates4LOS and #Warriors Out there! 

 This next 12 months I will be conquering goals and documenting ever step of the way! I vow to regain my status amongst the elite, and rightfully claim my position at the top. With my following, I will lead to certain victory and we can overcome any challenge together. Let me be your guide, shoulder, lending hand, eyes, heart, soul, and voice.

I promise there's no stopping me if YOU BELIEVE in me! 

Thank you for everything SXSW2013 – Supporter – Haters – Others


***Sometimes we all get down, offtrack, Derailed etc. and when we lose sight of our goals, we stop shooting for them. I completely believe in being helpless, depressed, and left for dead at times, as it keeps you humble. However, I don't think one should spend eternity in the doldrums. Hang in there, and eventually when the time is right, a spark will happen. With that simple spark, Ignition is the key back to your recovery.Good luck and keep your plane flying right side up.

Friday, May 18, 2012 Updating daily!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am an Artist - "So LOS, Want me to host your mixtape?" - No thanks

"Hi I'm DJ__SOnSO do you need me to host your mixtape?""It's a special this month for only $250.00 I'll host it, AND give you a wack ass free cover that I give everyone else with their pic..."

Look pimp, I appreciate you grinding and tryin to hustle, all love; but I'm a real artist.

I create all my music, and put countless hours of my time and life for this. I compose and mold works of art in my eyes. I offer to this world the works fabricated by talent lent from God.

In other words, no thanks.

I'ma keep making full length albums. I am not afraid to put it out there and let it be. I don't need to, "test the waters," and place a song on a mixtape because I am afraid the public won't like it. If that's the case, you probably ain't making music they relate to anyways. I don't need to give all my hard work away for free.

I've walked in these shoes, and still do; holes, tar, stains and all.

I will continue on my journey and don't need to pay you to talk for me.

I don't need to pay to be on your radio show.

The people will decide if they connect, and I will be here still pursuing my destiny.

LOS of Austin TX is an original lyricist. I make my own music. I am a unique artist.

And I will continue conducting my masterpiece.

Thank you again for your support. I wish the best for your ventures...

*Unless that is to take money from starving musicians that believe the hype you are selling.

If you truly want to work with me, and collaborate on things that’s great. I’m open ears and might be interested. But buying your wolf tickets, no thanks Holmes; I’m an artist, not a sucker.  






Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 Poles

"I threw some words in a bag, shook it around and this is what I got"

For me getting started is one of the hardest things to do, unless it's getting started with a distraction. Internet, the Wii, it is ridiculous how even a cheaply made show like watching people buy storage units for example could take me away from working toward my dreams? How even this blog at this moment is taking time away from progress in my lyrical adventures. But as I write these questions to myself I see the gate has opened and I have now gotten started. 

I am not working on music now while I'm blogging, but I plan on doing some more writing and perhaps make a beat tonight. I do, however, feel my subconscious still works the puzzles (I create) out while I'm away from the actual lyric writing. I have tons to say, I always have a lot to say if I know you, but to a stranger I tend to keep it confidential(Which now raises a paranoia on blogging anymore of my thoughts). Anyway, today I pushed to do some constructive work, even if I didn't get much accomplished. I managed to record a new chorus, and it sounds pretty good. I did a little editing on the track to give it some character with the new vocals and am taking a break from listening to it. I would like to go back this evening with some fresh ears to rescan my levels.

-Enter now a distraction -

As I listen to anything new guess what happens... CORRECT I get distracted! I will find myself recording lyrics, chorus, or even just a freestyle and right after I will loop and listen. Then I will listen again, and again and two hours later I walk out of the studio and think, wow the time went by fast and all I did was record one or two things and LISTENED TO IT OVER AND OVER again! Instead of working for a bigger pile of material I could use, I will make a tenth of what I could really do. This does not happen every time I am working, but it is a recurring event I feel I would like to make note of.

At times I feel all I want to do is work on music, I will spend thirty minutes "getting ready" and once I press record/play I am out of energy, my mind is blank, and my emotions are lost in the sauce. I drift back to the couch slowly to have my brain controlled by my childhood friend Super Mario.

Chemical imbalances and great work ethic don't like to team together but I will continue to progress and push past the distractions. 

The information discussed in this blog today does not represent everyday scenarios, but merely a clip to answer... WheresLOS?

PS - I did get a few things accomplished today,as I have said, and that includes and concludes the second blog - LOS

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Where's LOS?

Simple question which could render difficult answers.
Where am I physically..mentally...emotionally....spiritually?? As if you really care about that right? I am opening this blog up to gain a better understanding of myself.   
(Ha which reminds me, I will Blog a lesson on the proper usage of "myself" later; since so many people out there don't understand when to use it)
  As I write, and time rolls along, I hope to be able to better understand the random madness floating in my brain. I also believe that as I write on this blog I will become a better lyricist as well. I have been unfocused and it isn't very productive. I feel that this could be a great outlet to reach my fans who care to know what's on my mind, what I'm thinking about, how I feel...basically.....Where's LOS?

To anyone who may find themselves interested in LOS, I thank you for your time, and welcome to the Official Where's LOS?  BLOG 

Here's to the future, past and the ribbon wrapped present ;)