Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 Poles

"I threw some words in a bag, shook it around and this is what I got"

For me getting started is one of the hardest things to do, unless it's getting started with a distraction. Internet, the Wii, it is ridiculous how even a cheaply made show like watching people buy storage units for example could take me away from working toward my dreams? How even this blog at this moment is taking time away from progress in my lyrical adventures. But as I write these questions to myself I see the gate has opened and I have now gotten started. 

I am not working on music now while I'm blogging, but I plan on doing some more writing and perhaps make a beat tonight. I do, however, feel my subconscious still works the puzzles (I create) out while I'm away from the actual lyric writing. I have tons to say, I always have a lot to say if I know you, but to a stranger I tend to keep it confidential(Which now raises a paranoia on blogging anymore of my thoughts). Anyway, today I pushed to do some constructive work, even if I didn't get much accomplished. I managed to record a new chorus, and it sounds pretty good. I did a little editing on the track to give it some character with the new vocals and am taking a break from listening to it. I would like to go back this evening with some fresh ears to rescan my levels.

-Enter now a distraction -

As I listen to anything new guess what happens... CORRECT I get distracted! I will find myself recording lyrics, chorus, or even just a freestyle and right after I will loop and listen. Then I will listen again, and again and two hours later I walk out of the studio and think, wow the time went by fast and all I did was record one or two things and LISTENED TO IT OVER AND OVER again! Instead of working for a bigger pile of material I could use, I will make a tenth of what I could really do. This does not happen every time I am working, but it is a recurring event I feel I would like to make note of.

At times I feel all I want to do is work on music, I will spend thirty minutes "getting ready" and once I press record/play I am out of energy, my mind is blank, and my emotions are lost in the sauce. I drift back to the couch slowly to have my brain controlled by my childhood friend Super Mario.

Chemical imbalances and great work ethic don't like to team together but I will continue to progress and push past the distractions. 

The information discussed in this blog today does not represent everyday scenarios, but merely a clip to answer... WheresLOS?

PS - I did get a few things accomplished today,as I have said, and that includes and concludes the second blog - LOS


  1. Hey LOS, don't forget that listening is a key part of sound engineering and critical for mixing. You have to remember that you are also the sound engineer. I know you may not get the output you want but I think when you are listening to what you recorded, you shift hats and become an engineer at that point. How about trying to schedule a specific time for each hat you have, spread it out in the week and manage your time better. I think you have been doing a great job, keep up the great work and don't worry too much about your output. Making beats, writing songs, learning vocab, engineering, mastering, web editing, raising children, working, blogging etc. can really take a toll on one person. You are having plenty of output my friend, you just don't see it because you have too much that you are constantly trying to juggle. We can't do it all, but if you insist on trying I really think the scheduling of different hat would benefit you. Taken straight from 'LOS University' Enroll in a class and get ya times right! Good luck, great blog and keep pressin on


  2. LOS,
    You also find yourself captured in the music listening because your soul is in it. The pictures you see when the loop is playing means it really connects with your emotions. Don't let that deter you from listening to your music, make it for you and enjoy what you have created. GHOSA.SOL

  3. Thanks ya'll for the encouragement, glad to know you are still with me,